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The world belongs to everyone!

Join us in the campaign "For a Bilingual Brazil"


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Our story

How it all began

Soul Bilingual was born in 2018, operating in person on the outskirts of SP.

Ariane Noronha, founder of the NGO, had her life transformed after her first international experience as an Au Pair in the United States.

When she returned to Brazil, she was determined to make sure that low-income young people could also see that the world goes far beyond their neighborhood!


our impact

We have a network of over 200 volunteers around the world.

Oursvolunteers make our mission possible: to democratize access to English for low-income youth!

Professors, mentors and psychologists make up our group of volunteers who accompany students throughout the entire study period.


At the moment

Today all activities take place remotely.

Our program has been completely adapted to become100% onlineand make it possible for more low-income young people in Brazil to have the opportunity to learn quality English and discover that the exchange is possible!

More than 2,000 people have already gone through the program and were impacted by our methodology!

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Know real stories

We've already sent young people to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, England, Ireland and South Africa!

We always say "the world belongs to everyone" and, in these four years of NGO,65 bagsexchange programs have already been granted.

It's always a joy to see our students exploring the world and having their lives transformed!

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