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Corporate Volunteering

This kind of volunteering aims at companies that want to train their team through volunteering experiences and connect them with young students from underprivileged areas!

Why get involved?

- Exclusive training for employees;
- Active participation in changing the personal and professional perspectives of the low-income youth;
- Online and flexible volunteering;
- Individual impact report on post-cycle employee participation;
- Support for matches with students;
- Volunteer certificate.

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Connect with people from different social backgrounds who are learning a new language!

The collaborator will become an English mentor and help a young student study English online for five months. The time of dedication is up to 4 hours A MONTH, but the experience will last forever!


Studies show that volunteering brings a feeling of accomplishment and reduces stress levels.

And that contributes directly to performance and motivation within the work environment. Employees will also receive training on different topics, such as racial issues, gender diversity, or non-violent communication.


With corporate volunteering, you improve your team's communication in Portuguese and English!

Click on the image below and learn about beautiful stories of connection between Soul Bilíngue volunteers and students.

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