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Soul Bilingue is an NGO that democratizes English and exchange programs for the low-income youth in Brazil. 

the initiative is gamified and, when a student is approved for the program, he/she starts a series of online activities, mainly focused on the development of the English language and other skills.

At the end of the nearly six-month cycle of immersion in studies, the young people most committed to the NGO's challenges win prizes, including scholarships to study English abroad for up to four weeks!

The program is aimed at young people, aged between 18 and 26, that are former public school students and have a low-income.

Our mission

Empower low-income youth and prepare them for the world with language learning, international connections and exchange opportunities.

Our vision

Making the exchange dream possible for low-income young people across the country! 

Our values







With the dream of speaking English and experiencing a new culture, Ariane Noronha left the beginning of her journalist career in Brazil to venture into a nanny exchange program in the United States, in 2014. Daughter of a manicurist and a warehouse assistant at the time, she was the first in her family to set foot in another country.


Her life was transformed by her international experience and, as a former public school student, she returned to Brazil determined to encourage other low-income young people to learn English and see horizons beyond the neighborhood. In April 2018, aged 27, she founded Soul Bilíngue. 

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Our team

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Ariane Noronha

Founder and CEO

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Bruna Santos

Counselor Coordinator

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Ana Carolina Lopes

Student Coordinator

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Miqueias Borges

Program Coordinator


Luana Pallaro

Teachers Coordinator

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Giovanna Candido

Mentoring Area

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Will Almeida

Administrative Coordinator

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Annahi Castellano

Mentors Coordinator

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Milena Castro

Strategic Communication

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