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Psychologists or psychology students

At Soul Bilíngue, we care a lot about the mental health of everyone involved, especially our students. We understand that each one comes from a different context and that, to be prepared for the world, it is essential to know our inner world.

The psychologists that volunteer at Soul have a welcoming role and direct contact with the Soul students. Based on guidelines, the volunteers approach different topics related to mental health: depression, motivation, frustrations, self-knowledge through periodic group meetings of up to ten students each. Appointments are always online.

Starting in 2021, Soul Bilíngue also promotes individual online assistance for students who need a more individualized and personal follow-up. Since the pilot edition, emotional support has been essential at Soul Bilíngue because we believe it is necessary to be emotionally well for good educational development, whether in English or any other subject.


You can be part of Soul Bilíngue's team of psychology volunteers. The first step is to apply by clicking on the 'I WANT TO VOLUNTEER' button. Afterward, the responsible person for the group of volunteers will contact you to schedule a meeting and explain how the process works. The workload of the psychology volunteer is up to five hours per month, in a cycle of five months for each semester.


Psychologist at Soul Bilíngue

"Soul opens doors for students and also has opened doors for me. I had the opportunity to get involved with something more significant when I joined the team, and now I know my potential. I feel fulfilled personally and professionally."

Gabriela Sverzut - psychologist

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