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What people are talking about Soul

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"Soul Bilíngue project has changed wonderfully changed my life. I've seen several lectures, been through challenges and learned things that have made me a more determined and strong person." - Jaqueline Cuevas, Soul student

"Soul brought back an old dream: the possibility of doing an exchange program! As a young girl from a public school and the outskirts of São Paulo, I understood the importance of programs like Soul. I am grateful for the opportunity to help me be 1% better every day." - Karina Oliveira, Soul student  

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"The project is hugely ambitious and challenging. However, there is undoubtedly a valuable reward for those who dedicate themselves entirely." - João Philipe Azevedo, English mentor

"Soul has taught me a lot during this semester. I want to give a special thanks to my English mentor John (Jonathan Macedo), a very dedicated and patient person. I hope to return everything I have learned from John and Soul somehow!” - Luis Eduardo Bove, student Soul

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"Soul overcame my expectations not only because I was finally speaking English for the first time, but also my expectations regarding the program in general. Soul has broadened our perspectives, personally and professionally. I hope Soul grows much more so that other young people can experience it too." - Isabela Rodrigues Souza, Soul student

“In such a difficult year with the pandemic, Soul Bilíngue has been one of the best finds I have ever made, especially to go through 2020 with more fun. I notice that Soul is made of incredibly professional people and dedicated students. It makes English accessible to more people and is also a space that teaches how to dream, teaches about the different realities of our country and how students can build new opportunities from the meetings.” - Luciana Gonçalves, English mentor

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“Soul is an institution of great importance which values the low-income population. It shows us that we can dream of something better and do what we want, even if it seems too distant. Soul Bilíngue is not just an opportunity for an exchange program. It is an opportunity to learn more about us and change our perspective about the future.” - João Victor da Rocha Silva, Soul student

"During the English mentoring at Soul, my learning started to be not only possible but fun and exciting. My mentor Beatriz Fabro always supervised me while learning; she was careful. The classes were always interactive, with different activities and fun at each meeting. Beatriz has a huge heart and makes me feel like we're great friends." - Larissa da Conceição dos Santos, Soul student

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"Great achievements are accomplished with an initial effort, a handshaking or a simple 'yes'" that, when said sincerely, has the power to make the difference. Soul Bilíngue demonstrated changing people's lives. The organization has my support for its journey. To be a Soul mentor is to wake up with the mission of making dreams possible and making young people stars of their own show, capable of transforming their lives and their surroundings." - Matheus Botarro, English mentor

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