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Soul Bilíngue and EF, the world's largest private education company, start partnership

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The partnership with the NGO will impact low-income young people with exchange scholarships abroad and licenses for an online English course

Ariane Noronha with Cristiane Bianco, national manager of EF English Live

At the end of the program's first semester, Soul Bilíngue celebrates the beginning of a partnership with the EF group, the largest private education company in the world. The corporation granted 30 licenses to the EF English Live school for one year to the most committed Soul students to study English, who will continue improving their skills in the language after Soul Bilíngue. Learn more about English Live here.

In addition, EF Education First offers a two-week English exchange scholarship to a young person from the NGO in the United States, with the homestay, meals, and health insurance included, scheduled for the first half of 2023.

For Juliana Boiani, Business Development Manager at EF English Live, supporting Soul Bilíngue is in line with the group's purpose, which is to "bring education without barriers." "English is a powerful inclusion tool. For us, it is an honor to have the chance to help part of the Brazilian youth," she says.

Students will have access for 12 months — through a code activation date — to content across all 16 levels of the course, with materials from beginner to the proficient level, placement test, more than 2 thousand exercises, interactive activities, exclusive videos, and certificate at the end of each class.

Technical English for professionals

Seventeen specialized English classes will also be available to young people for professional areas such as Automotive, Banking & Finance, Civil Construction, Science, Hotel Industry, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Leisure and Society, IT, Law, Logistics, Medicine & Health, Office, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Tourism, and Research.

Corporate Volunteering

EF also got involved in Soul Bilingual's corporate volunteering in 2022 and invited company employees to be English mentors for low-income young people, assisted by the social institution. More information about corporate volunteering is at

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