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Race, color and minority groups are the subject of discussion among volunteer psychologists at Soul

The meeting aimed to make professionals increasingly prepared to address the issue with a different audience from the social institution

Race and color were thematic for a meeting with Soul volunteer psychologists

In order to promote an increasingly welcoming and inclusive space within Soul Bilíngue, more than 20 psychology professionals, volunteers from the social organization, participated in a discussion on race, color and minority groups this Saturday (09) at an online event.

The meeting, organized by the coordinator of counselors at Soul, Luciane Torigoe, had as guests speakers Elvis Moura, Portuguese Language teacher, who works in the education board of Mogi das Cruzes with the Ethnic-racial Education folder; and Thamires Ribeiro, psychologist, Master's student in Psychology at UFRJ and activist for the Levante Popular da Juventude.

To contextualize the discussion, both reflections on the construction of Brazil linked to inequalities and the need for an anti-racist posture in society, which goes beyond the non-racist discourse, were brought up.

“The illiteracy rate in Brazil is much higher among blacks. The prison population is larger among blacks. It is necessary to understand that this is also racism because, for years, disadvantages and privileges were imposed on racially marked groups," said Elvis Moura. "We need to deepen this debate and understand that many things cannot be romanticized.

The presenters also contextualized their speech by highlighting important people and activists of the black movement, such as Luís Gonzaga Pinto da Gama, Angela Davis, Djamila Ribeiro, Neusa Santos, Grada Kilomba and Emicida.

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