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Let's go to Hawai: Soul Bilingue students have their visas approved.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Sara dos Anjos and Beatriz Fernandes will spend four weeks of English immersion at the Institute of Intensive English in Honolulu.

With approved visas to study in Hawai, Sra dos Anjos and Beatriz Fernandes, Soul Bilingue Former students, will make the exchange program dream come true in one of the most famous touristic spots of the world. They will be welcome by the NGO's partner school, the IIE (Institute of Intensive English), located in Honolulu, in the second semester.

The educational institution of Hawai became part of the partner's group in October of last year. Beatriz, 23 years old, lives in Campo Grande, in Rio de Janeiro, and Sara, 21 years old, who lives in Grajaú, in the south region of São Paulo, will be the first ambassadors of the NGO to study in the United States.

Sara dos Anjos, economy student of the Universidade São Judas Tadeu and Soul Bilingue ambassador

For Sara, has the visa approved brought a relife feeling because she has dreamed about the exchange on the island since she got her scholarship. It will be her first international travel.

"When I saw the possibility of going to Hawaii, I thought, "wow, it would be great to go there." I was nervous about my interview at the consulate, and surprise, it was in English. I had to lose myself and explain my exchange motives. At the end everything worked out" explained her.

Beatriz Fernandes, nursering student at the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and Soul Bilingue ambassador

Like Sara, Beatriz also dreamed of having her exchange in Hawaii. In the second semester of 2020, when she was with the best student in the program, she didn't know she could select her destination, but by coincidence, Beatriz was chosen for the scholarship. Now with the approved visa, she is preparing to go abroad for the first time in grand style.

"When I heard, " look, Beatriz, it seems like everything is right, your process was approved," I wanted to explode with happiness! I tried to control myself. I thanked them and left the consulate, walking fast and trying to look normal simultaneously. It was a mix of happiness and relief."

The ambassadors' exchanges will happen in the second semester of this year. Beatriz is going in August and Sara in October.

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