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4Way, a language school with social impact, granted Soul Bilingue students with scholarships.

The scholarship is one year long and can be revenue to high-standard students.

Ariane Noronha with Diogo Bezerra, the 4Way founder

Soul Bilingue students were granted 30 scholarships to study English online on the 4Way platform. The partnership between Soul Bilingue and the school will beneficiate the former students who continue to dedicate themselves to English studies at the NGO. The course lasts one year and can be done from 2 to 5 days per week.

The scholarship students will have live classes for up to one hour daily with professional teachers and small groups of 3 to 5 students. They will also access the materials on their platform and a digital book.

The value of the classes, if the students had to pay for them, would be around R$185 per month, but for Soul Bilingue students, it is free. Besides that, to the compromised participants, the 4Way will offer the opportunity to extend for another year.

"We are glad to partner with Soul Bilingue and grant these scholarships to the students. We hope this partnership can bring great outcomes and more students can reach their goals and dreams through education", said Diogo Bezerra, 4Way founder.

About 4Way School

Founded in 2016 by Diogo Bezerra, it is more than a traditional language school. The 4Way is a social impact business where each three paying students, one full scholarship is granted to students from the periphery who come from a place without access to quality English learning. The school is in more the ten countries with immersive English and Spanish classes.

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