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Soul Bilíngue sends 11 people to the dream of the exchange program in the first semester

The initiative plans to board a total of 30 people this year; Applications for the second semester are open until June 1

Giovana Candido and Maria Cibele in Dublin, Ireland

The boarding season for the first half of this year ends with 11 low-income people fulfilling the dream of an exchange program through Soul Bilíngue. The NGO reaches almost 37% of the goal of sending 30 students to the exchange program in 2022. Students have traveled to Ireland, South Africa, and England.

Fernanda Amorim in Ireland

The season started in March with the student Fernanda Amorim, from Suzano, São Paulo area, going to Bray, Ireland, in the partnership with ATC Language School and ended with Julia Marina in Cork, also in Ireland, by Icot College. The young ambassadors had the opportunity to spend four weeks studying English.

Besides the young ambassadors, three members of the Soul Bilíngue team also had the experience of studying in England at English Path School.

Fernanda Amorim in Bray, Ireland

Fernanda was Soul Bilíngue's first exchange student this year. Besides the four weeks of English immersion, she spent St. Patrick's Day there, Ireland's most popular holiday.

Bianca Mendes in Cape Town, South Africa

Bianca Mendes in Cape Town, South Africa

"In South Africa, I discovered amazing places and enjoyed my own company. Therefore, I believe that my experience in Cape Town has also awakened my self-esteem and adventurous side," says Bianca, who studied at Good Hope Studies.

Mayara Avila in Dublin, Ireland

"It was by chance that I found Soul Bilíngue, but it was not by chance that I earned a scholarship. Every dream requires commitment. The experience of going abroad is the best thing you will live," explains Mayara, who studied abroad through a partnership with Vital Intercâmbios.

Alana Mayrine in London, England

"Spending a month with so many cultures and different habits opened my mind to try different things we have around us," says Alana, who went to English Path School Path.

"After the exchange, I understand English better, without stopping to think about what I heard. Which has been great because before I thought I couldn't understand English, and now I see I can get by even though I know little about grammar," says Maria.

Julia Marina and Aline Martins in Cork, Ireland

Aline Martins in Cork, Ireland

Aline studied at Icot College in Cork, Ireland, and returned to Brazil last weekend. "I realized I speak English like a 'robot,' but the important thing is to communicate, and if they don't understand the word or I don't know how to speak it, we try to replace it with another one and stay firm," says Aline.

Julia Marina em Cork, na Irlanda

The young ambassador is still doing the exchange program at Icot College and will return to Brazil at the beginning of next month. "The biggest discovery is to live in another culture because being in a different place allows you to learn new things daily," says Julia.

Only three days are left before the end of registration for the second semester at Soul Bilíngue finishes. To sign up, click on the link.

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