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Soul Bilíngue receives BRL 62,000 in proficiency tests by ITEP

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The American institution will also revert part of the profits from sales for companies to the social cause

iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency) is Soul Bilíngue's new partner. The American company, a specialist in English proficiency tests, will grant 100 Academic Plus assessments to NGOs students who need a valid certificate to apply to universities abroad. The donation is equivalent to about BRL 62,000 in tests.

iTEP international certificate of proficiency opens doors to the job market. The company offers a variety of tests for different purposes, both academically and professionally. The test for English teachers is one of them. 'iTEP for Test Takers' is a solution for professionals who need to prove proficiency.

Partner companies of the NGO and people involved with Soul - such as volunteers - also benefit. Besides special conditions, iTEP will transfer part of the sales profit to the social organization for investment in the program.

The Academic Plus exam covers reading, listening, writing, and speaking. If Soul Bilíngue had to buy the tests, the investment would be around 129 US dollars each (approximately R$625).

The most committed students in the Soul Bilíngue program in 2022 will benefit from the prize.

Lorenna Chatwell, Business Development Manager at iTEP

"When we heard about the Soul Bilíngue project, we immediately identified a great synergy with the values ​​and objectives of iTEP. And that's why we developed this partnership, where we can collaborate so that many young people can access a globally recognized exam," explains the Business Development Manager, Lorenna Chatwell.

The partnership comes at a good time for Ariane Noronha, founder of Soul Bilingue. "We want to acknowledge all the students who dedicate themselves and commit to their studies at Soul, and the iTEP exam will help a lot. I'm sure it will be the first collaboration of many that will come with them," she celebrates.


iTEP, or International Test of English Proficiency, was founded in 2002 by Sharif Ossayran and Perry Akins, both experts in international education. Together, they created an English proficiency test to meet the needs of the global education community.

Over 1,000 institutions worldwide accept the iTEP proficiency test, more than 700, only in the United States.

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