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Soul Bilíngue Program: selective process has a subscription record

Almost 900 candidates applied to run for one of the open spots for the second-semester group.

The subscriptions for the Soul Bilingue program next semester were closed last Monday (6), and it received 892 valid subscriptions. This number represents around 25% more people applying in comparison with the first semester this year. Those who applied already go through the selective process, and 330 profiles will be approved. The approved list will be released next month when the next program begins.

Those who participate in Soul Bilingue prepare to conquer the world. The approved ones will have an Engish immersion for six months, starting on June 23rd. The English classes will take place on Saturdays with timeslots defined by the Soul Bilingue team, matching results of the level tests of the students approved on the selective process.

The students will run for at least eight scholarships abroad through the program and gain points for development and commitment during the six months.

Besides that, there are meetings with psychologists, Soul Summit workshops (exchange programs preparatory), and meetings with the Soul Bilingue team on Saturdays. Each student will have an individual mentor for speaking practice and emotional care with the psychologists' volunteers during the process.

The selective for the second semester group will be divided in two phases:

First phase:

9 and 10 of June: meetings with the subscribed applicants

14 and 15 of June: Submission of the first activity of the selective process

June 20th: List of the approved in the first phase

Second phase:

June 24th: Submission of the second activity of the selective process

June 29th: List of pre-approved applicants and start to send documentation

July 5th: Deadline to submit documents

July 14th: Approved final list.

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