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Soul Bilíngue leaders go to English exchange program in London at English Path School

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

They will study for three weeks through a scholarship granted by the international partner school

Soul Bilíngue Leaders

Three Soul Bilíngue leaders are in the countdown to start their immersive language learning in Europe. The coordinators, Luciane Torigoe, Miquéias Borges, and Vinicius Lameirão, were granted English scholarships by English Path, a partner of the social organization. They will study in London, England, for three weeks. Their classes start on April 11th.

Luciane Torigoe is the counselors' coordinator (psychologists), Vinicius Lameirão is the teachers' coordinator, and Miquéias Borges coordinates the Soul Bilíngue program. They started at Soul Bilíngue as volunteers between 2018 and 2019, and now, they are in charge of a team of more than 400 students and volunteers.

The English Path School and Soul Bilíngue partnership had started in the second semester of last year when Soul Bilíngue was looking for schools to welcome its students for the English exchange program. English Path will also receive the youth ambassador, Alana Mayrine, on April 4th.

Soul Bilíngue leaders also got 50 euros each for this trip, granted by B2Gether, a specialized company in financial and currency exchange services.


Miquéias Borges, Soul Bilíngue Program Coordinator

Miquéias Borges, 26, is one of the leaders granted scholarships. He graduated in psychology. He has been working at the organization since 2018. The exchange in London will be his first international experience.

“I am going to one of the largest cities in Europe, that is amazing. The city is full of sightseeing places and a fantastic mix of people and culture," said Miquéias.

On the other side, Vinicius Lameirão, 25, is going on his second English exchange trip. At Soul, he is an English teacher, responsible for the teaching material and the teachers' coordination. Like Miquéias, Vinicius has been at the organization since 2018.

"I think it will be a unique experience now because I have more English proficiency. I will be more confident than during the first foreign exchange," said Vinicius.

Vinicius Lameirão, Teachers Coordinator

Luciane Torigoe, 30, was also granted the scholarship. She graduated in psychology and has a postgraduate in Educational psychology, and she is in charge of the counselors' coordination. The psychologist has been at Soul Bilíngue since the beginning. Even though she has already had an international experience, the trip to London will be her first foreign exchange.

"That is not my first international experience, but it is the first time I go to study. I have lived in Japan for ten years, but I went there with my parents that had to work," tells Luciane.


Luciane Torigoe, Counselors Coordinator

Excited about the trip, Luciane tells how it was to receive the opportunity. "I was not expecting the scholarship. It was a shocking surprise. There is no way to go through this experience and not be transformed. It will help my work with Soul Bilíngue".

For Miquéias, contact with the English language came late in his life, and Soul Bilíngue was the reason for that. "Learning a second language was not in my plans until I met Soul Bilíngue. Before Soul, I did not know the impact an international experience can have on people's lives," said the psychologist.

Besides traveling with two of his coworkers, Vinicius expects to improve his English language performance. "For me, as a teacher is essential to be in touch with the language. I will give my best in the classes," says the coordinator.

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