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Soul Bilíngue has launched fundraising challenge to reach more students in other Brazilian states

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The first campaign of the semester aims to raise funds to expand service to another Brazilian region

Soul Bilingue students - 2019 edition

To democratize the English learning and foreign exchange programs for low-income young people from more regions of Brazil, Soul Bilíngue has launched the campaign "Soul no Norte." The organization already helps young people from all over the Southeast and Northeast regions, offering experiences with English immersion and psychological support. In addition, it provides English study scholarships in several countries, such as England and Ireland, to students with the best scores in the program.

The initiative invites people to make contributions from 10 reais, dollars, or euros (via Paypal) on the organization's website to support the campaign. Besides that, the 328 students of the 2022.1 edition are also engaging people through the Awarded Donation. The donor receives a number for each contribution to participate in the raffle of an e-book reader (Kindle) and nine kits of Soul Bilíngue t-shirts.

The campaign aims to raise BRL 60,000 for investments in facilities and human resources and serve more than 800 low-income young people this year.


In October 2021, Jessica Milena Senrra had her first international experience through Soul Bilíngue. She earned the foreign exchange scholarship in the October 2019 edition and went to South Africa. Jessica spent four weeks studying at Good Hope Studies (GHS).

"Soul has changed my life, especially at the moment I'm living. Soon after returning from the exchange, I got an internship in a multinational company, and fluency in English was a requirement. Because of Soul Bilíngue, mentoring sessions, and the exchange program, I attend meetings in English, and I can understand everything," says Jéssica.

Participants of the Soul Bilíngue program benefit from English immersion, through weekly classes with Oxford materials and methodology; individual English mentoring sessions with Brazilians around the world or English native speakers; psychosocial support in small groups with discussions about mental health, self-knowledge, anxiety, depression, among other topics; individual psychological care, when necessary; discussion about life projects, journey, and professions; guidance on different options of affordable exchange programs and the chance to earn an international scholarship.

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