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Soul Bilíngue gets 30 Duolingo proficiency tests

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The organization may grant the licenses to the students with the highest scores in the ranking of the social initiative that will apply to study in educational institutions abroad

Duolingo provided Soul Bilíngue 30 licenses for its English proficiency test, a language proficiency tool designed for international students and institutions. The achievement was possible after the social institution received a request from a former student, Diana Rigoni, who is applying for study opportunities abroad.

Like IELTS and TOEFL, Duolingo's test is part of the world's most popular English proficiency exams. Proficiency tests aim to evaluate candidates' abilities in essential areas for academic purposes in the following areas: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Diana Rigoni, former Soul Bilíngue student

Diana was a student in the first semester of 2021 and will be the first former Soul student to take the test. She tells how it was the contact with Soul to access the exam. "It was a tremendous surprise. I had talked to Ariane (CEO and founder of Soul Bilíngue) that I needed to take a proficiency test, but all of them had high prices ​​in dollars."

The former student found the opportunity through some research on YouTube. In this way, she discovered Duolingo donated licenses to institutions through a formal request. Therefore, she contacted Soul Bilíngue right after that. "I sent a message to Soul, and they spared no effort to request the licenses. As soon as Duolingo validated the NGO, they sent me a message, and I was thrilled. I am very grateful to Soul for all the opportunities".


The Duolingo test is an alternative to assess your language proficiency. Results are available within 48 hours. More affordable than other tests available, the Duolingo English Test costs USD49 - on average, BRL260.

The test duration can vary between 45 and 60 minutes, and the maximum score is 160 points. More than 2,000 institutions accept the test worldwide for all levels of education (undergraduate, graduate, high school, among others).

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