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The founder of Soul Bilíngue visits ICOT College team in Ireland

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The international school is the most recent partner of the NGO and will welcome four Soul students for English immersion in 2022

Laura Reis ( on the left), Marketing Manager at ICOT, and Ariane Noronha, Soul founder

Anyone who has had an international experience with ICOT College in Ireland probably felt welcomed by a team of different nationalities, including Brazilians. That was the impression that Ariane Noronha, Soul Bilíngue founder, had when she visited the institution in Dublin in November of last year. In 2022, ICOT College has become the NGO's new partner school and will welcome two Soul Bilíngue students for a four-week English exchange in Cork and Dublin soon.

"I felt at home when I joined ICOT for the first time," says Soul founder, during her visit to the Dublin school, where two Soul students, former students from the public schools in Brazil, will study English during their exchange program. "Ireland is one of the most attractive destinations for Brazilians, and getting to know the school our students will study has given me more confidence and conviction that they will have the best experience ever."

Ariane and ICOT team in Dublin

Laura Reis, Marketing Manager at ICOT, thinks that the collaboration with Soul Bilíngue means making the dream of living another culture possible for more people. "I always say that everyone should do an exchange program somewhere in the world, but unfortunately, it's a distant possibility for most young people in Brazil. This new partnership between Soul Bilíngue and ICOT College makes me extremely happy. It facilitates access to international education for those who would hardly have this opportunity. I believe that this partnership is just the beginning of the change in the lives of many students", she says.

Based in Dublin since 2010 and also present in Cork, ICOT welcomes several worldwide students monthly. The institution also guarantees an immersive experience in the English language and the local culture, causing a considerable impact on the life of their exchange students. Follow ICOT College by clicking here.

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