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Soul Bilíngue founder launches 'Soul Intercâmbio;' the travel company will revert profits to the NGO

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Social impact business will promote individual and group exchange trips for those who dream of studying abroad

Ariane Noronha on a business trip in November 2021 to London, England

Intending to provide international experiences for more people and generate social impact for Soul Bilíngue, the travel company Soul Intercâmbio is on the air. Created by Ariane Noronha, also the NGO's founder, the business will sell specific international, individual, and group immersion packages. Soul Bilíngue will provide a passport to the students served by the social initiative for each new customer.

The "flagship" of Soul Intercâmbio will be the group exchange program packages, offering the opportunity to connect with other people and simultaneously develop English in outstanding schools that are already Bilíngue's partners.

Soul Bilíngue will also grant exchange scholarships to the students of the organization with the English course, accommodation, and passport included for each group of eight to ten people experiencing the international immersion through the pack offered by the travel company.

For the social entrepreneur Ariane Noronha, the creation of the agency is a way for more people to achieve the dream of doing an exchange program. "Soul Intercâmbio was born in response to the need and importance of English and international experiences in our lives. Everybody knows how much it expands our worldview, creates ideas, and changes our journey".

Soul Exchange Programs

The company starts its activities by offering two programs: 'Soul Impact' and 'Team Players.' On Soul Impact, the trips will be in groups, focusing on social business managers who want to boost their English and seek inspiration abroad. 'Soul Impact' offers exchange students the experience of a new culture while exchanging experiences and learning from other social leaders during their international immersion. The first classes will go to London in England, with departure scheduled for May 2023.

'Team Players' are for a broader audience that has the dream of doing an exchange program and wants to develop English regardless of career or profession. For this modality, Soul Intercâmbio will send people to two destinations: Malta and England.

Soul Bilíngue students

Besides these two packages, Soul Intercâmbio offers special conditions for students who have completed the Soul Bilíngue program. Therefore, even if the student doesn't earn the exchange scholarship through the organization's program, they can affordably fulfill their dream through the company.

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