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Soul Bilíngue and Aspire Institute sign a partnership for the benefit of the low income youth

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A mutual disclosure agreement will allow students from one organization to enjoy the formation expertise promoted by the other

Soul Bilíngue and the Aspire Institute are united in our goals to provide low-income youth with better academic, professional, and personal development opportunities. Our partnership will allow low-income students to benefit from both of our programs and expertise.

The Aspire Institute is a non-profit organization founded by Harvard Business School professors. It offers a fully funded program on leadership, The Aspire Leaders Program, to low-income, first-generation college students worldwide. Aspire Institute’s foundry in Brazil was established through a partnership with Insper in São Paulo.

Soul Bilíngue is a Brazilian NGO that opens its doors to its participants around the world through an English language program. At the end of the program, students can apply for scholarships to study English abroad.

Our partnership encourages students from one institution to apply for the other.

“We have the same purpose: to expand the worldview of low-income youth and provide opportunities to them so they can have access to better working conditions and growth,” said Ariane Noronha, Soul Bilíngue's CEO, “I am sure this will be an essential partnership for both institutions, especially for our students.”

Mariana Isagawa, Country Director for the Aspire Institute in Brazil, expressed her own enthusiasm for Aspire’s collaboration with Soul Bilíngue.

“Through this partnership, we are creating a solution for one of the main challenges of bringing the Aspire Leader Program to a larger public in Brazil: the English language barrier. What was a challenge at first has become an excellent opportunity to offer even more resources to those who need them and have potential.”

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