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Cork, Here We Come! CEC and Soul Bilíngue Partner for New Exchange Scholarships

This collaboration with one of Ireland's leading language schools will open doors to the world, opportunities, and growth for our young ambassadors in 2024

With its prime location and a history spanning over 4,000 years, Cork is an excellent destination for exchange in Ireland. It's where the young Soul Bilíngue ambassadors will head in 2024 to study with Cork English College (CEC), our new partner. It's another step in our mission to create a Bilingual Brazil and build cultural bridges and global connections.

The City

Cork is a city rich in history and culture, boasting spectacular natural landscapes, grand ancient buildings, museums, and art galleries that offer a fascinating glimpse of Ireland. The city is also known for its dynamic and vibrant gastronomy, lively nightlife, and traditional pubs scattered throughout, where you can experience traditional Irish music.


With the unique feature of local visits and activities to enhance English language practice and skills in real-life situations, the school's methodology boosts students' capacity and confidence. Founded in 1978, CEC is recognized by the Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS) and is a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), an association representing the best English language schools in the country.

For more information about the school and its history, visit the website"

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